The PPEG Database contains information on political parties, presidents, elections, and governments around the world. It brings together a range of datasets produced by former and present members of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource of election and government information for research, education, and policy-making.

The current version of the database covers information from 73 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe between 1945 and 2023 including data on 3 261 political parties, 1 060 parliamentary elections, 380 presidential elections, and 1 961 cabinets.

Data Downloads

The material can be downloaded free of charge.

Before using the data, we encourage you to read the corresponding codebooks.


Election results from national lower house elections for majoritarian and proportional tiers.


Election results from presidential elections including candidates, party affiliations, and vote counts.


Cabinet data including prime ministers, cabinet parties, and the distribution of ministerial posts.


Data with joined information from the parliamentary elections and the corresponding cabinets.

The data will be downloaded in a .zip file containing three different files (.csv, .rds, and .dta) and the corresponding codebook.

Older Data Versions: Dataverse Release Notes


If you use the data, please cite it as follows:

Krause, Werner; Stelzle, Robert; WZB Berlin, 2024, "PPEG - Political Parties, Presidents, Elections and Governments, Version 2024v1", https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/K5AJAW, Harvard Dataverse, V1.


For questions and comments, please write an email to ppeg@wzb.eu.

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